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FDNY Firefighter famous from 9/11 photo booted from color guard because he is white


The FDNY is defending their wokeness after a firefighter -who served during 9/11- complained that he was excluded from a color-guard detail because he was white.

Lieutenant Daniel McWilliams, who was featured in the well-known flag -raising photo at Ground Zero, was kicked off the color-guard because he wasn’t black.

Standing before a state Division of Human Rights board, the FDNY’s chief diversity and inclusion officer, Cecilia Loving, deemed the action acceptable.

McWilliams was barred from holding the flag when the FDNY showed up at a 2017 memorial mass to honor deceased members of the Vulcan Society, a fraternal group of black FDNY firefighters.

At the event, Vulcan Society President Regina Wilson asked that McWilliams “help in a different capacity” since he was white.

Loving, who is also black, denied that such a request is discriminatory.
“So, a request for an all-black color guard is not discriminatory?” McWilliam’s lawyer, Keith Sullivan, asked.

“No, it isn’t,” Loving replied.

Loving claimed that requesting a replacement was a move to “uplift our identities and our separate ethnicities in order to instill a sense of pride and community and support for one another.”

According to the New York Post, Wilson was “reprimanded” in the form of a one-hour counseling session.

In his formal brief, Sullivan noted that black firefighters appear to get preferential treatment compared to their white counterparts.

“If you’re black and you discriminate against a white person in the workplace, you get a slap on the wrist at best,” he wrote. A white person who discriminates gets “heavy-handed discipline and punishment. The FDNY has created a policy and procedure for bending over backwards, coming up with excuses and accommodating members of the Vulcan Society … who commit racist acts, and it has to stop.”

Since filing his complaint, McWilliams has been the target of intimidation by supporters of the Vulcan Society, with one reportedly putting his hands on the veteran firefighter.

”I’ve heard about you,” the man reportedly said. “They told me you’d act this way, and now you know me.”

The FDNY declined to comment on the matter.

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