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Famous missing flag from ground zero turns up at fire station in Washington


A big part of a 9/11 flag mystery has reportedly been solved.

A photo with the image of that flag shows three NYC firefighters raising it at ground zero on September 11, 2001. There is also a wax replica of it at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City.

The actual flag from ground zero disappeared after 9/11, but turned up in western Washington a couple years ago. Four days after a show aired about the missing flag in 2014, it was brought in to the Everett Fire Station.

A man who claimed to be a Marine, named Brian, turned the flag in and said it had been given to him by the widow of a 9/11 victim. He didn’t say why, but he apparently thought it was the missing flag.

“This flag was turned in with a story. Reported to be the iconic flag raised at ground zero September 2001,” said Everett Deputy Police Chief Mark St. Clair.

Washington-based forensic scientist Bill Schneck undertook the painstaking process of taking samples from the flag– testing and analyzing them over and over again– until he was 100% sure it was the same flag. The process took about six months.

Schneck told Q13: “First examining the particles on the flag and comparing it to the trade tower dust that was collected right at 9/11. And I realized the same assemblage of particle types were found on the flag as the 9/11 ground zero dust.”

Investigators still want to speak with the man who brought the flag to the fire station. They say his story just doesn’t add up.

Meantime, the iconic flag is back in NYC, where it will be unveiled for the first time in public, during the 15-year anniversary ceremonies, marking the tragic day.



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