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Dramatic Video: Chinese fireman plunges face-first down into a well to rescue a terrified, trapped little boy


A fireman in China dives face-down into a narrow opening in the ground, where a five-year-old boy became trapped. The rescue team had apparently tried giving the boy instructions at first but he couldn’t understand them – possibly from being frozen by fear.

In a video obtained by News9, the child’s cries and screams are heard coming from the bottom of the well, as the firefighting team moves to plan B.

One of the firemen is lowered into the well by other crew members with a makeshift rope harness. After what seems like just a few seconds later, he pulls the boy up with some kind of hook contraption.

The boy seemed to be doing okay after the frightening ordeal, as he’s seen being pulled onto a blanket, by a woman who is feeding him.

According to 9News, “Little boys fall down wells with alarming frequency in China, with several such rescues having been performed in the country in the past couple of years.”


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