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Church damaged after woman sets herself on fire


A Houston woman is facing charges after lighting herself on fire injuring herself and causing damage to a strip mall church.

On March 5, 40-year-old Chandel Kenawell is reported to have “poured charcoal lighter fluid on herself while close to the building and lit the lighter fluid,” which gave her severe burns and caused damages to the structure she was near.

While she initially told firefighters she was sleeping when someone else set her on fire, surveillance footage shows her shuffling around, dragging a blanket along the sidewalk.

ABC13 reports that the woman had purchased the lighter fluid an hour prior, and that witnesses helped put her out.

The fire caused around $2,000 in damages.

The clerk who sold the lighter fluid to Kenawell reportedly said she has “mental problems,” and that she urinated outside of his store before being asked to leave.

While she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, her current condition is unknown and a warrant has been issued for Kenawell’s arrest.

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