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Chinese firefighters climb 117-Story burning building, only to find smog, no fire


In a country plagued by toxic smog it's no surprise this type of thing happened more than once.

They should have learned their lesson from the first time around… Chinese firemen called out again to the highest structure in the city of Tianjin after receiving reports that thick, black smoke was surrounding the building.

“Goldin Finance 117” –the tallest building under construction in the country — appeared to be on fire the morning of September 1. More than 20 fire trucks were reportedly dispatched to the scene..

Unfortunately for those firemen, they didn't find out until climbing about 40 floors that the heavy smoke was really just dirty fog.

As the firemen ascended to those floors, “they quickly realized that a cool breeze was passing through the open windows of the building,” the Daily Mail reported.

This 'dirty fog' phenomenon may have something to do with the city's air pollution problem. Just three weeks ago, there were two massive chemical explosions in Tianjin. After those blasts — which are thought to have dispersed 700 tons of cyanide pollutants into the air — the city stepped up its monitoring of air pollution levels.

According to local media reports, this was not the first time that the Tianjin firefighters have been dispatched to the building. Last winter, smog was circling atop the building and local residents thought there was a fire. Turns out that one too – just a false alarm.

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