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Chicago firefighter launches campaign to bring water to the people of Flint


A Chicago firefighter is collecting water for residents in Flint, Michigan, where the water is too contaminated to drink.

Eric Washington is a Chicago Firefighter/EMT in the Albany Park section of the city. He says he couldn’t imagine not being able to wash his clothes, take a shower or drink water. “You don’t see this kind of thing here…maybe in third world countries, not here.”

Washington says he didn’t realize what a huge impact his project would have. He says Facebook helped him spread the word quickly and in just a few days he reached his goal.

According to WGN-TV, Washington first set out to raise $2,000, but then started a Go Fund Me campaign for out-of-towners who wanted to donate.  His $15,000 goal has already been reached.

The water in Flint is too high in lead, and has been deemed unsafe to drink.  Washington says, “I’m a firefighter, my job is to help people when they need it, that doesn’t just mean when I’m on duty.” He says he can only imagine what it’s like to wonder where you’re going to get your next cup of water from.

He’s requesting that Chicago-area residents bring a case or two of water to Hyde Park Career Academy this weekend. His plan was to rent a UHAUL truck to bring the water to Flint…He didn’t realize that truck would not be big enough. He half-jokingly said to a local reporter, “I may need a semi,” although he admits he can’t drive one.

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