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Best Reasons to Become a Firefighter


After a lot of years in the fire service, you would think that it would be easy to come up with a list of reasons to pick a different career.  Honestly, it was pretty difficult to come up with that list.

This time the list is the opposite.  It is the reason that you should be a firefighter, and it won’t be too hard to find the reason that firefighting is a great career.

One of the reasons I decided on firefighting for a career is that I could not imagine spending 40 hours a week in an office wearing a tie.  If I wasn’t going to be in an office, there was always construction or some other trade.  Other than wearing a tie, doing the same thing day after day did not appeal to me at all.

When you are a firefighter you never know what the next call will be.  There are some boring redundant things we have to do like training, fire inspections and station maintenance but at any time your schedule can change.

It could be a call for a structure fire that can last a few hours, an auto extrication or a simple call like a carbon monoxide detector activated. It’s waiting for that unexpected call, that big fire, or some type of rescue that keeps you on the edge of your chair a little, and that is pretty fun.

If you played a sport, you understand what it is like to be a part of a team.  It doesn’t matter if you were on a good team or a bad team, you remember the experience of being a part of it.  When you are a firefighter you are a part of a team.

This time the teamwork is a little more critical because it involves more that winning or losing.  You will fight fires with this team, eat meals with this team and also spend holidays with these people. You will get to know their family and hear more stories than you are really interested in listening to.  For the most part, it is a team of people with similar interests that can be as close as a family.

There aren’t many jobs out there that leave you feeling good at the end of the day.  An accountant might do a really good job, or a salesman might get a big order, but no other job can give you the feeling you can get as a firefighter.  You will have the opportunity to meet people at their lowest point, and you will be in a position to help them resolve their problem.

You might be stopping the fire in their house or you might only be talking to them about something that is causing them concern.  No matter what the call, at the end you will have helped someone resolve an issue that was important enough to them to call 911.  It doesn’t matter what the call was, it concerned them enough to call for help and when you leave they are usually relieved.

Whether it is the end of the shift or the end of your career, you have the opportunity to leave with a really good feeling in your gut.  You can look back a few instances at the end of a shift, or look at a whole bunch of incidents at the end of a career.  It’s a great career that will leave you with feeling accomplished.

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