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Recently retired firefighter arrested for throwing fire extinguisher at Capitol Police

A recently retired firefighter from Delaware County was arrested Thursday morning for lobbing a fire extinguisher that hit three police officers during the insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol last week, federal authorities said.

‘Santa Claus’ gets rescued from power lines in California

A man dressed in full Santa gear had just lifted off from his Rio Linda neighborhood north of Sacramento, intending to shower children below with candy canes. But his paraglider sleigh got caught in some power lines, suspending the man for an hour before firefighters safely lowered him to the ground.

Multiple injured after FDNY engine crashes into storefront

An FDNY engine truck heading to a fire crashed into a Brooklyn boutique, demolishing the storefront, officials said Monday.

New York EMT outed by NY Post for having OnlyFans account

An NYC-area paramedic who allegedly doesn't make enough money to get by has resorted to an OnlyFans account.

Two EMTs in New York victims of armed robbery while responding...

The EMTs, a 28-year-old woman and a 46-year-old man, were taking the elevator in a Sackman St. building — part of the Seth Low Houses — near Belmont Ave. in Brownsville after responding to a call about someone having difficulty breathing about 11 p.m. Monday when a man in the elevator with them hit the emergency stop between the 10th and 11th floor, officials said.

Kidnapped LAFD firefighter found dead, body torched in Mexico

A Los Angeles firefighter who authorities believe was kidnapped from his condo in Mexico was found dead in the country, officials announced Wednesday.

One woman dead, 2 in critical condition, 2 still trapped in...

A woman has died, two people are reportedly still trapped in the rubble and at least two others are in critical conditions at area hospitals following an explosion that leveled multiple homes in Baltimore.

FDNY EMT facing charges for fatally striking man while driving...

An EMT with the FDNY is facing some serious charges after she reportedly ran through a stop sign while driving a city ambulance- and ran over an old man in the process.

FDNY Firefighter famous from 9/11 photo booted from color guard because...

The FDNY is defending their wokeness after a firefighter -who served during 9/11- complained that he was excluded from a color-guard detail because he was white.

Reasons why Bighorn Fire got so big: weather, fuel, terrain

On June 17 in Tucson, Peter Norton watched smoke billow from the Santa Catalina Mountains. His shift at Mount Lemmon’s fire department had ended the day before, but he and another firefighter, Aaron Lindflott, had made a pact. When it was time to head back up the mountain to fight the Bighorn Fire, they’d be ready.