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9-year-old dies in Detroit house fire

Detroit — One girl has died and another is in critical condition after a fire at their home on Detroit's west side early Tuesday morning.

New York sees an explosion of illegal fireworks

Great Bend, Pa. — The men slid firework-filled 50-gallon totes into the bed of the pickup truck. A long, rectangular box containing more colorful explosives followed.

Akron Firefighters battle a fire on East Crosier Street

Akron fire battled a fire Wednesday morning in a vacant home.

Fire damages Pittsburgh’s Carrick apartment building

A fire caused heavy damage to a three-story apartment building in Pittsburgh’s Carrick neighborhood on Monday night.

Fire departments warn against illegal use of fireworks during the pandemic

RAYMOND — Fireworks stores were bustling over the weekend, one week before Independence Day.

Fire struck on the roof of Cleveland High School

ST. LOUIS — Fireworks were the likely cause of a fire on the roof of a shuttered, three-story high school here Saturday afternoon, firefighters say.

Reasons why Bighorn Fire got so big: weather, fuel, terrain

On June 17 in Tucson, Peter Norton watched smoke billow from the Santa Catalina Mountains. His shift at Mount Lemmon’s fire department had ended the day before, but he and another firefighter, Aaron Lindflott, had made a pact. When it was time to head back up the mountain to fight the Bighorn Fire, they’d be ready.

West Virginia volunteer firefighter charged with arson, murder of fellow firefighter

WELCH — A McDowell County volunteer firefighter was arrested for murder and arson Thursday after authorities say he set a blaze that led to the death of a fellow fireman.

New Jersey family who drowned trying to save daughter didn’t know...

A mother and grandfather who drowned in their backyard pool were trying to rescue an 8-year-old girl who had fallen in, police said.

Investigation into missing girls devolves into chaos in Milwaukee with 3...

Online activism and misinformation hampered a missing-persons investigation that turned violent on Tuesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.