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Two Colorado firefighters die from carbon monoxide poisoning

The Glipin County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that two married Central City firefighters died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

‘Don’t do it,’ Indianapolis FD warns against copycats after video shows...

The Indianapolis Fire Department is warning people not to follow the dangerous lead of a woman who hitched a ride on the back of a fire truck Tuesday.

Three deputy chiefs disciplined for not enforcing mask-wearing in the stations

Three deputy fire chiefs in Portland have been reprimanded for failing to enforce a month-old policy requiring firefighters to wear masks at all times in the fire stations when social distancing is not possible.

More than 50% of FDNY firefighters won’t take COVID-19 vaccine

An internal poll conducted by the FDNY's firefighter union shows that 55% of its members will refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine that is scheduled to be approved by the Food and Drug Association within the next month.

Historic New York church destroyed after six-alarm fire jumps from vacant...

Devastated parishioners gathered outside a historic 19th century East Village church gutted early Saturday by a raging six-alarm fire that left only its massive stone facade intact.

San Francisco FD adds new floating fire station, will house water-rescue...

A huge floating fire station made its permanent home in San Francisco early Thursday morning.

Florida Fire Commissioner arrested for violating mask ordinance

East Like Fire Commissioner James Dalrymple was arrested in downtown Key West on Wednesday and charged with obstruction of justice after an incident that unfolded after he refused to wear a mask as required by city ordinance.

Man killed, three firefighters injured in Oklahoma home explosion

A house fire call turned deadly when an oxygen tank exploded during a search and rescue operation to pull a man out of a burning building.

Two Boston firefighters injured, 12 people displaced during four-alarm fire

Boston firefighters battled a four-alarm blaze in Dorchester on Saturday morning that spread to a second home, displacing a dozen people and sending two firefighters to the hospital.

Maine town hires its first firefighter and he’s a teenager

Camdan Carmichael has returned home to serve a community he knows and loves.