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Fire engine crashes into ambulance, both on emergency calls

A fire engine and an ambulance carrying a patient crashed into each other while both were on their way to emergency calls.

Pennsylvania town plans to cut all funding to the Fire Department

It looks like it’s too late for Larksville to place a referendum regarding funding for the borough fire department on the Nov. 3 election ballot.

NTSB: Crew had no emergency training, led to the deaths of...

The Sept. 2, 2019, fire would consume the dive boat, trapping and killing 33 passengers — many from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz — and one crew member who were asleep in the lower decks. It became the deadliest maritime disaster in California since the Civil War.

California now recognizes dispatch operators as first responders

Assembly Bill 1945, which recognizes the heroic work of public safety dispatchers by reclassifying them as first responders, was officially signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom after passing the legislature with unanimous, bipartisan support.

California firefighter saves his own house from wildfire with water bottles

And then there was Robert Daniels’ home on Bald Rock Road, just down the roadway from where two of the three victims killed in the fire were found.

Administration confirms $4 million dedicated to 9/11 treatment program diverted away

The Trump administration withheld nearly $4 million from a program tasked with treating FDNY firefighters and medical personnel suffering from 9/11 related illnesses, according to a report by the Daily News.

Video showing firefighter punching a restrained detainee in the head turned...

The Los Angeles Police Department will refer to prosecutors for possible criminal charges a 2019 incident in which an L.A. firefighter punched a restrained detainee in the head, police officials said Friday.

California Governor gives prisoners a chance to become full-fledged firefighters

Incarcerated people in California who fight the state’s wildfires can now have their criminal records expunged, making it easier for them to become professional firefighters.

Family that sparked El Dorado fire with gender reveal could be...

The El Dorado fire in California, which has burned more than 7,000 acres since it started on Saturday, was caused by pyrotechnics at a "gender reveal party," according to authorities.

Houston Fire Chief disputes claim that quarantined firefighters are having their...

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association on Thursday accused the city of deducting pay from some firefighters who are under quarantine due to potential line-of-duty COVID-19 exposure, an allegation disputed by Fire Chief Sam Peña.