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Woman refuses to get off phone to be rescued from sinking...

A passing motorist helped rescue a woman after she hydroplaned off I-80 near Marseilles. However, while attempting to rescue her she refused to end her phone call while sitting on the roof of her sinking car.

Fire station baby wants to thank ‘Tummy Mommy’

Bright eyed, 12-year old Halle Burke is so grateful for the life she has with the only parents she’s known, that she wants to now reach out to her birth parents to thank them for leaving her at a fire station a dozen years ago.

Largest FDNY pension greater than 284000

This article has been removed

Charges downgraded for paramedic who tossed patient off stretcher

The State Attorney’s Office in Brevard Country recently released video of an incident that led to the firing of firefighter Kenneth Hallenbeck, back in March.

Firefighter who saved girl as baby attends her high school graduation

A firefighter reconnected with a girl he saved 17 years earlier through Facebook a few years ago and they have kept in touch ever since. The two reunited when he attended her high school graduation and it was emotional for them both.

Firefighter from New Mexico creates art from used fire hoses

An artistically inclined fireman from New Mexico has found a special use for old and worn out hoses that are about to be thrown away. He uses them to create his own brand of unique artwork.

Veteran loses home to fire, American flag salvaged by firefighter

A fire tore through the home of a veteran over Memorial day weekend. Everything he owned was destroyed and as devastating as that is he is grateful that the one thing that did survive was his American flag.

Video: How they rescue cats from trees in Russia

That cat is down to 8 lives after those Russian firefighters rescued him from the top of a tree.

Items stolen from High Point fire station while firefighters responded to...

In the past month items like phones and other electronics have been taken from the High Point fire station. Other essential equipment such as hoses, tools, axes, radios etc. have gone missing as well.

Thousands gather to honor fallen Claremore firefighter

An estimated 1,000-plus people turned out Monday night to honor Claremore Fire Department Captain Jason Farley, who died Saturday while attempting to rescue residents of a west Claremore neighborhood from rising flood waters.