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Firefighters’ emotional final escort for being a hero after death

31-year-old Colorado firefighter who died of cancer over the weekend will continue to serve as an organ donor, according to local sources.

Video of police officer running into burning trailer to save woman...

A Deputy Sheriff in Texas rescued a woman from a burning mobile home in Harris County- and the daring rescue was caught on his body camera.

Church destroyed by fire but bibles and crosses remained unharmed

A West Virginia church witnessed a miracle after their church was destroyed in a fire, discovering that the bibles and crosses remained unharmed. The fire...

Woman faked being a firefighter’s pregnant wife to steal money through...

A California woman faked three pregnancies and falsely claiming she was the wife of a firefighter walked off with over $2,000 in donations- and...

Firefighters find two young sisters after massive search party was conducted

Authorities found two young sisters unharmed Sunday morning almost 48 hours after they wandered away from their rural Humboldt County home

Firefighters show how you can workout while being lazy at the...

firefighter aerobics video has everyone laughing, and when you see it for yourself, you'll understand why.

Video shows moment house is engulfed in flames

A shocking video has been released of a fatal house fire in queens that took the life of an 8-year-old boy, depicting a house that practically exploded in a fireball.

Man and dog survive being trapped in their car by eating...

An Oregon man survived being stuck in the snow for five days by eating Taco Bell sauce packets and starting his engine periodically to keep himself and his dog warm.

Video shows van leaving scene of brutal hit and run

The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for a driver after a young man was critically injured when his car rolled over multiple times in a hit-and-run crash Thursday morning.

Breaking: Pilot killed after small plane crashes into Florida condo building

Fort Lauderdale emergency responders say a pilot is dead and a condo building has suffered major damage after a small banner plane crashed into it.