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Baltimore may cut taxes for police, firefighters

The city of Baltimore is considering property tax relief measures for local police and firefighters. According to local news sources, officials claim the relief...

Equipment, personal belongings stolen from fire trucks during Oregon wildfires

Two Oregon fire trucks were ransacked while firefighters were fast asleep on Saturday morning. Coburg Fire Chief Chad Minter said that firefighters assigned to the...

Firefighters robbed while raising money for charity on Labor Day

A small town in Missouri is wrestling with the theft of personal belongings stolen from firefighters who were off raising money for muscular dystrophy. Police...

Fire crackers cause massive fire in one of Oregon’s most scenic...

One of Oregon’s most scenic areas is engulfed in flames- all because someone tossed some firecrackers off a cliff. The Columbia River Gorge has lost...

One-handed firefighter defies odds

Anthony Smith was born without his right hand and knew from an early age that he would face a lot of challenges in his life.

Brookline firing firefighters charged in separate incidents

UPDATE: Town officials are canning a Brookline firefighter charged with beating a man at a taco takeout shop and another accused of drunken driving.

2 firefighters held hostage in Ohio; suspect in custody

An Ohio man who authorities say held two firefighters hostage has been taken into custody.

Best Reasons to Become a Firefighter

We talked about the reasons not to be a firefighter last time. After a lot of years in the fire service, you would think that it would be easy to come up with a list of reasons to pick a different career.

Video: Man dances on roof after setting house on fire

If you’re going to set a house on fire and dance on the roof, it might as well be to ‘Burning Down The House’ or at least that’s the song Facebook poster Michael Priutt added over this video.

5 dead in apartment fire in northern Kentucky, mayor says

The mayor of a small town in northern Kentucky says two adults and three children have been killed in a fire at a set of apartment buildings.