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Arsonists catch themselves on fire as they attempt to set government...

Two people tried to set an immigration services business on fire in California and ended up setting themselves on fire in the process, video shows.

Family survives after Tesla plunges 250 feet off cliff, officials say...

A California doctor behind the wheel of a Tesla that plunged 250 feet off an infamous cliffside in California purposefully drove his vehicle over the edge, according to authorities.

Road rage incident sends Uber driver barreling into restaurant, injuring 15

An argument in a Manhattan gas station sparked a chain-reaction crash that sent a car careening into the front window of a restaurant where over a dozen diners were injured Monday night, police sources said.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour injures 7 after hard landing

Seven people were injured when a tour helicopter made a hard landing late Tuesday afternoon at the Boulder City Municipal Airport, city officials said.

Man robs Walmart after setting fire inside to cause distraction

A man booked on counts of terrorism, attempted murder and arson is accused of setting a fire inside a Walmart in Hammond as he tried to rob the store, authorities said.

British public urged to avoid ‘risky activities’ on strike day for...

Minister of State for Health and Secondary Care Will Quince urged people to stay safe on Wednesday, which will likely see the National Health Service ( NHS) hit by major disruption as ambulance workers including paramedics, control room workers and technicians walk out in England and Wales.

Police investigating shooting of firefighter at fire station

According to Chief Mark Harcrow, at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, emergency services responded to a reported "accidental shooting" at Palestine's Fire Station #2, 107 Seventh Street.

Texas Supreme Court to decide if firefighters will get the same...

More than four years after Houston voters approved a measure that would grant firefighters equal pay with police officers, the legal battle to decide the referendum's fate is headed to the Texas Supreme Court.

Ritz hotel among multiple properties hit with Molotov cocktails, pit maneuver...

A man bombed a home with seven Molotov cocktails after setting fires at multiple other properties, including a Ritz hotel, according to a Florida sheriff’s office.

‘Go fight some fires:’ State Supreme Court overturns firefighter termination over...

A Staten Island firefighter who lost his job for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine can now return to work, according to a ruling this week in state Supreme Court, St. George.