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Arsonist in Canada sets himself on fire


The suspect in an arson fire at a Montreal pharmacy accidentally set his clothing on fire during the crime, police said. Police said a man smashed the front window of a small, independently owned pharmacy on Park Avenue in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood around 4 a.m. Thursday, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. News reported.

Witnesses say they saw the man throw gasoline into the store and ignite it, setting his coat alight in the process and fleeing with it on fire.

A sprinkler system in the pharmacy brought the fire under control before firefighters arrived, and damage was minimal, police said.

Police say the suspect, described as male and wearing dark clothing, who was seen running away northbound on Park Avenue.

The arson follows more than two dozen suspicious fires in Montreal this year, authorities said.

Montreal police have formed a special task force to investigate links between some of the arson attacks and organized crime, CBC News reported.

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