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An ICE idea that might save your life


Putting your mobile phone on ICE could prove to be a lifesaver, say Tasmanian ambulance officers.The Tasmanian Ambulance Service has backed the emergency number campaign In Case of Emergencies (ICE) started in the UK.

ICE involves a person storing the name and number of a family member or friend for contact In Case of Emergency.

Ambulance service chief executive Grant Lennox said it was simple but effective.

“It has some potential benefits direct to patient care, but also to commence the support network for people who are sick or injured,” Mr Lennox said.

“And it isn’t just helpful for ambulance, but for police or hospital emergency departments.”

Ambulance service North-West supervisor Paul Templar hopes to spread the message about ICE later this year in a program with Year 10 students.

The Iparty program involves students with emergency services to highlight the risks of excessive drinking and drugs at end-of-year parties.

Mr Templar said they would encourage students to put an ICE number into their phones.

“But it is really good for anyone in the community,” Mr Templar said.

He said a lot of young people did not carry any identification, but most these days did have mobile phones.

Telstra is also behind ICE, which was developed by the East Anglian Ambulance Trust.

The concept gained international attention after the London bombings.

Telstra emergency services answer point manager Jane Elkington said it would start sending SMS messages about ICE to more than seven million mobile customers next week.

She said ICE was simple and could make a positive difference in difficult times.

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