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Alabama firefighter fired over neck tattoo, says she was singled out

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A former Mobile firefighter says it wasn’t her new neck tattoo that got her fired, instead it was a way other firefighters could single her out for a possible violation after she complained about unfair treatment inside her station.

According to WKRG, Kay’Ana Adams says she believes there was an ulterior motive on why she was fired from her job after just nine months. Adams says she got the tattoo after completing training and believed it met the current Department standards. In fact, she says other firefighters have tattoos in the same area as hers but have not been fired for violating the department’s policy.

Adams then grew her hair out to cover the tattoo, then she received complaints that her hair violated department policies.

“Somebody put in a complaint in regard to my tattoo, and the next thing I knew I was being investigated for it, interrogated behind it, and then they made their decision that I was in violation of policy,” said Adams.

Three months after the tattoo, the Department changed its policy to further forbid neck and face tattoos.

The Mobile Fire Department says Adams was fired within her “working test period” for violating the policy. The standard working test period is six months, Adams was nine months on the job.

Adams told the TV station she filed at least two grievances about unfair practices within the fire station and cited two employees for anti-feminist speech and harassment.

She has since filed an EEOC complaint.

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