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Aerosol Cans and Flames Don’t Mixed


A boy was burned when a fireball from an aerosol can blew him and his brother off a window sill in their home in the early hours’ today. Martin Dunn, 15, and his brother Luke, 13, were playing with the can in their bedroom in Colescliffe Road, Barrowcliff, when it burst into flames.

The two teenagers were sent flying by the blast which set the net curtains on fire.

Martin was burnt on both arms. His eyebrows, eye lashes and hair was also singed. The teenagers ripped down the flaming nets from the window and stamp out the fire.

The boys said they were playing with the aerosol and had pierced it with a pin.

Martin, who suffers from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, said: “The can was on the window sill and when I went to light a cigarette it went up.I just saw a big flame. It was quite scary.”
Luke’s twin sister Kirsty said: “I was just on the bed and heard screaming and screaming.”

Their mother Linda Dunn, 41, heard the fire alarm go off at 12.50am today. She went upstairs to help her children before calling the fire brigade.

The mother said: “When I opened the door all I could see was flames. I had to ring the fire brigade to make sure the fire was out completely.

“When we got to Scarborough Hospital they told me what could have happened. The hospital said they could have had their heads blown off and that terrified me.

“I thank God it wasn’t more serious. The whole house could have gone up because of the children’s stupidity. I hope they have learnt their lesson and that this will be a lesson to other children not to play with fire.”

Luke and Kirsty are pupils at Scalby School while Martin goes to a boarding school in Cumbria.

Two appliances from the Scarborough Fire and Rescue Service attended the incident.

Station officer Eddie Head said: “These boys know what they were doing was wrong and they know they have been stupid.

“Aerosol cans explode like a bomb. When they are subject to heat they become very dangerous.”

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