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‘Adopted’ EMS dog purposely hit awaiting first responders’ return to station


A beloved EMS companion in Bryan County is recovering with a little help from his friends after being struck by a truck Monday night.

KXII News reports the dog was discarded eight years ago outside the Bryan County EMS then was taken in by first responders.

For those eight years Gooch has proven why he’s man’s best friend.

“He takes care of us, comes in and he will kind of give you a hug after a tough call,” Nate Toews, a Bryan County paramedic, tells KXII.

First responders say Gooch, who got his last name from paramedic Nate Toews who was there when they rescued him as a puppy, is more than just a pet — he’s family.

“Once we made friends, he started hanging out with us, we started feeding him and he became part of the family,” Toews tells KXII.

EMS says Gooch, like he usually does, was sitting outside waiting for his humans to return. However, this time he was sitting outside the gate.

“The car slowed down and then he gassed the truck and kind of swerved toward him and hit him and then drove off at a high rate of speed,” Bryan County EMS Deputy Director Brian Norton tells KXII.

Gooch’s own family, the medics, ran out to help and took him to the vet.

“It was kind of hard to send back ‘hey how is he?’ cause you didn’t want the response back that he was not there with us anymore,” Norton said.

KXII reports Gooch has a depression on his spine and swelling, but is expected to be okay.

These first responders tell KXII it’s a miracle he made it out alive.

“He still had tire marks and road rash, and he was hit pretty good and to still be alive, shows how strong he is,” Norton tells KXII.

Though Gooch hasn’t been able to walk since the accident, his personal care team is right by his side to help him recover, hoping to comfort their dog that has always been there to comfort them.

“I know it’s kind of silly about a dog, but he does, he takes care of us as a family, hopefully we are able to contribute back to him what he’s given to us,” Toews tells KXII.


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