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2 gunshot victims show up at Fort Wayne fire station


Two men arrived in a window-shattered SUV at a Fort Wayne fire station Sunday morning to say they had been shot and one allegedly hid a handgun under a pickup.
At about 5:09 a.m. Fort Wayne Police officers responded to Fort Wayne Fire Department Station No. 11, 405 E. Rudisill Blvd., and said they had been shot, according to a police report.
Officers reported seeing a white 2007 Nissan Murano with the rear window shattered parked at the fire station. A police officer reported finding near the SUV a bag that contained green plant
material and another bag that contained an unknown white substance.
A man who had a gunshot wound to his right hand was with several firefighters and medics who were standing around an ambulance that was parked in the alley. Another man was being treated for a gunshot wound to his left forearm inside the ambulance, according to the report.
Police were told one of the men was acting strangely and that he walked between two pickups and knelt down as if he were trying to hide something before he went to the ambulance.
An officer saw a black-and-gray handgun tucked under the front passenger side tire of one of the trucks, according to the report. The handgun had fresh, wet blood on it and on the ground around it. An officer also saw a trail of blood drops that led from the driver’s door of the SUV to where the handgun was, according to the report.
A witness said the man inside the ambulance was the one seen with the gun earlier, according to the report.
The suspect, Bobby Totten White, 31, was listed as a convicted felon, and police took him into custody and then to a hospital in good condition.
The other man was taken to a hospital in serious condition.
As a police officer asked over the radio if White had been convicted of a felony or a serious violent felony, White said “I’m a felon in possession of a handgun, not a serious violent felon,” according to the report.
He was charged with carrying a handgun without a license with a prior conviction for carrying without a license, a Level 5 felony.

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