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Firefighter adopts baby he delivered and saved on the Job


In November of 2011, a South Carolina firefighter was responding to an emergency call that would change his life forever.

Arriving on scene to a mother in labor, it quickly became apparent that the baby was determined to enter the world before the ambulance crew could get the mother to the hospital.

“It was just a somewhat normal call,” First Responder Marc Hadden said back in 2012. “Very quickly we realized that it was going to be a life changer for us.”

While Hadden was not a doctor, he helped deliver the baby girl, who was immediately put up for adoption.

As fate would have it, the firefighter and infant he delivered would meet again.

Realizing his wife could no longer have children due to medical issues, Hadden’s wife, Beth, saw an opportunity.

“Ever since we had the boys, we knew that we wanted more children, but I was preterm with them so we knew that it wasn’t possible to have any more babies,” she said. “And we had it in our minds and in our hearts for years to adopt and we just left it in God’s hands. We said if its meant to be, it will be.”

Less than two days later, the couple began the process to adopt the little girl, whom they named Rebecca Grace.

“I don’t know if I have words. I never envisioned that I would have a daughter. We are truly blessed, for sure,” Marc said at the time.

Grace would not be alone -she has two older brothers to call her own- but she would be the only girl.

“As soon as we signed the papers I looked a Marc and went, ‘Oh my gosh, we have to pay for a wedding,” Beth told WMBF. “I was like, ‘that was my first thought?’ I guess just having a girl is so different after having two boys.”

As Rebecca Grace grows older, Hadden is ready to handle new issues as they come.

“I’ve been telling people that, you know [that old saying], ‘I brought her into this world and I can take her out’ and I’ll be able to tell her that.”

According to People, the Hadden family is still doing well to this day and Hadden, though now about 48 years of age, is still on the job.

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