VA fire recruits allege Department ignoring extreme hazing during training

An Arlington County firefighter says a Training Officer hazed and harassed him all throughout training and he says he's not the first to experience this hostile environment.

Firefighters still fighting with city hall over backpay after settling shift...

Since March, 47 Morgantown firefighters have earned about $2, 000 less a year after a study of the city's personnel rules discovered a pay rule—shift differential pay—was not being enforced correctly.

Firefighters chase down arson suspect and hold him until deputies arrive

Fairfield firefighters chased down a 21-year-old man they spotted setting fire to the porch of an abandoned house and held him until Jefferson County deputy sheriffs arrived, authorities said.

Woman sets occupied house on fire, watches it burn in a...

A Maryland woman is facing attempted murder charges after she reportedly set her occupied home on fire before taking a seat in a lawn chair to watch it burn.

Couple hit, killed by fire truck responding to fire

The parents of a homeowner whose residence was on fire Thursday night were killed when they were struck by a fire truck providing mutual aid at the scene on County Road 9 in Washington County.

Three firefighters shocked by live power wire while fighting 4-alarm fire

Three firefighters were shocked by a live power line Friday afternoon while responding to a four-alarm structure fire in the city of Orange, authorities said.

Man sentenced to 4 years and $12M fine for role in...

A Brainerd man has been sentenced to four years in prison and must pay $12 million in restitution for his role in the lighting the Minneapolis Third Precinct police headquarters on fire during civil unrest after the death of George Floyd.

N.J. woman found dead in house fire, authorities say

A 66-year-old woman was found dead Monday following an early morning fire in her North Jersey home, authorities said.

20-year-old Georgia firefighter dies during his first shift on the job

A Georgia fire department in Camden County is mourning the loss of a firefighter who died Saturday while on duty during his first shift.

New law gives Colorado prisoners who fight wildfires path to become...

The dozens of people in Colorado prisons who fight wildfires are largely locked out of the firefighting sector once they get out, but a new state law promises to change that.