Ex-Fire Chief sues city, claims he was fired because he’s black

Former Kennewick Fire Chief Vince Beasley is suing the city of Kennewick in federal court, saying he was fired because he is Black and opposed discriminatory practices toward racial minorities and women.

11-alarm chemical plant fire blows harmful smoke into NYC

An 11-alarm fire at a chemical plant forced the evacuation of downtown Passaic, N.J., and a warning to New Yorkers that they might smell or see smoke from the gigantic blaze.

Potential burglar saved by firefighters after getting stuck in fireplace

Firefighters were seen pulling bricks from a house's wall as they tried to reach a man trapped inside its chimney.

Fire kills 19 including 9 children in NYC’s deadliest fire in...

The deadliest New York City fire in decades killed at least 19 people in a Bronx building Sunday, including nine children, authorities said.

Two firefighters killed after semi crashes into engine

They were veteran firefighters. Part of the backbone of this city where history is celebrated.But on Thursday this Iowa County community of 2,487 was in mourning after the two men with more than a combined 60 years of service with the Mineral Point Fire Department were killed in a crash on Highway 151 while responding to a rollover crash.

5-year-old may have caused deadly row-home fire, tells investigators he was...

A 5-year-old boy who escaped the fire that killed 12 people in a Fairmount apartment Wednesday told investigators the blaze started after he accidentally lit a Christmas tree on fire while playing with a lighter, according to police records obtained by The Inquirer.

Philadelphia rowhouse fire update: 12 fatalities including eight children

A catastrophic fire tore through a rowhouse in Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood before sunrise Wednesday and killed 12 people, including eight children, in one of the nation’s deadliest residential fires in decades.

13 dead in Philadelphia fire that was contained in under 1...

More than a dozen people are feared dead after a massive fire ripped through a row home in Philadelphia Wednesday morning.

4 people taken to hospital, 28 injured after fire breaks out...

State and city fire crews responded Sunday night to a fire at the Baltimore detention center at the 500 block of E. Madison St., according to state and city fire officials.

Over 500 homes, shopping center and hotel destroyed in one of...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Authorities evacuated approximately 35,000 people from the towns of Superior and Louisville on Thursday as a large grass fire burned throughout Boulder County amid extremely high winds.