Calendar canceled: FDNY stops the annual “hot firefighters” calendar because it...

Perfectly chiseled pecs just don’t pay the bills anymore.

Chicago Fire TV show criticized for not correctly showing the state’s...

On Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” a storyline involving an infant safe surrender box sounded the alarm for both the Chicago Fire Department and an advocate for abandoned children, who called the plot “misleading.”

Volunteer firefighter indicted for impersonating an NYPD officer

After a long investigation, a Long Island volunteer firefighter has been indicted of impersonating a New York Police Department officer and making false claims to the fire department about being employed by the NYPD.

EMS workers charged with murder after strapping man face down to...

Two emergency medical services workers have been charged with first-degree murder following the death of a 35-year-old patient in their care, Illinois authorities say.

Alabama firefighter fired over neck tattoo, says she was singled out

A former Mobile firefighter says it wasn't her new neck tattoo that got her fired, instead it was a way other firefighters could single her out for a possible violation after she complained about unfair treatment inside her station.

Arsonists catch themselves on fire as they attempt to set government...

Two people tried to set an immigration services business on fire in California and ended up setting themselves on fire in the process, video shows.

Family survives after Tesla plunges 250 feet off cliff, officials say...

A California doctor behind the wheel of a Tesla that plunged 250 feet off an infamous cliffside in California purposefully drove his vehicle over the edge, according to authorities.

Road rage incident sends Uber driver barreling into restaurant, injuring 15

An argument in a Manhattan gas station sparked a chain-reaction crash that sent a car careening into the front window of a restaurant where over a dozen diners were injured Monday night, police sources said.

Multiple people hospitalized after gas explosions in Philadelphia cause 2 homes...

PHILADELPHIA — Multiple gas leaks in Port Richmond resulted in an explosion early New Year's Day that led to the collapse of two homes and multiple people being taken to hospitals, according to city fire officials.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour injures 7 after hard landing

Seven people were injured when a tour helicopter made a hard landing late Tuesday afternoon at the Boulder City Municipal Airport, city officials said.