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Flags Lowered In St. Paul To Honor Late Firefighter
Flags lowered in St. Paul to honor late firefighter
Posted September 1, 2015

Flags were being lowered to half-staff Tuesday at city facilities in St. Paul in honor of firefighter and paramedic Shane Clifton, who died Monday nig...Full Story

New Arizona License Plate Design Benefits Firefighter Safety Training
New Arizona license plate design benefits firefighter safety training
September 1, 2015

Four new license plate designs for Arizona including one benefiting Firefighters Safety Training Scholarships....

Helmet Cam Provides Good Look Inside House Fire
Helmet cam provides good look inside house fire
September 1, 2015

It gives you a good look at a July 19th house fire that left one firefighter with bad smoke inhalation who barely made it out....

Tanker Driven Through Bay Door During Firehouse Fire
Tanker driven through bay door during firehouse fire
August 31, 2015

First responders in Wayne County had to save their own firehouse from completely going up in flames, when fire broke out at their station three weeks...

Thousands Mourn Fallen Firefighters In Washington State
Thousands mourn fallen firefighters in Washington state
August 31, 2015

Several thousand people gathered Sunday to honor three U.S. Forest Service firefighters killed battling wildfires in Washington state....

When Your Employer Bans Your PPE
When Your Employer Bans Your PPE
August 31, 2015

There are all kinds of rules and policies out there about wearing your personal protective equipment. We have to wear it more than we think is necessa...

Fire Victims Spearheads Opening Of First Fire Station In Davilla
Fire Victims Spearheads Opening Of First Fire Station In Davilla
August 30, 2015

The department says with this new station they hope to cut arrival times by at least 10 minutes....

2 Dead, 4 Officers Hospitalized Due To Suburban Hazmat Situation
2 dead, 4 officers hospitalized due to suburban hazmat situation
August 29, 2015

A mysterious hazardous materials situation in Des Plaines, Illinois is responsible for the death of two people, one person being critically injured, a...

Raw Videos: Fight Breaks Out On Top Of DC Fire Engine
Raw Videos: Fight breaks out on top of DC Fire Engine
August 28, 2015


Healthcare Fund Covering 9/11 First Responders Set To Expire
Healthcare fund covering 9/11 first responders set to expire
August 28, 2015


Documents: Winds Shifted Minutes Before Firefighters Killed
Documents: Winds shifted minutes before firefighters killed
August 27, 2015

Seven minutes after a deputy radioed that the wind from a growing wildfire had shifted direction, dispatchers got a second call: A burn victim needed...