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United States Fire Department Directory / Mailing List

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Over 5,000,000 Addresses Sold Since 2004

By purchasing our fire dept. street directory, you will have access to pertinent information needed to assist your company for direct mailing to any or all 50 States. Currently our database includes 26,961 fire departments, not fire stations, as of Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

Data is gathered from multiple sources including fire department web sites, firefighter grant applications, and with the assistance of firefighters who visit our web site. Our fire department mailing data is exported into a Microsoft Excel file (.xls) which can be sorted and easily output to any mail merge program for product marketing. Online data files contain the following columns:

  • Fire Department Name
  • Mailing Street Address
  • City or Town
  • State
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • County
  • Fire Department Type (Career or Volunteer)
  • Number of Fire Stations

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Mailing List FAQ's

How long does it take after payment until I receive my list?

Your Microsoft Excel file(.xls) will be sent via email after confirmation of payment with credit card.

Can I purchase individual fire stations for each State?

No. We only have individual fire department mailing addresses for each State. For example: If ABC Fire Department has five fire stations, we only have one mailing address for this department. Most fire departments receive all their mail at one location or P.O. Box.

Do you have any contact names for each fire department?


Can I purchase individual states?

Yes. Click Here

Do you sell email addresses?

Yes...but we only have 1,061 current email addresses out of 26,961 Fire Departments. Click Here

Do you sell mailing labels?


How accurate is our data?

While we perform significant analysis and verification of our fire department data, and believe the content of our data to be accurate, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy.

What is your terms of service?

The purchaser agrees not to resell, share, or otherwise distribute purchased data files. or e-firefighter,LLC is not liable for any losses or expenses incurred from the use of these files in any capacity. Purchase of data files indicates your agreement with these terms.

By The Numbers

Fire Station List US Fire Departments Mailing Addresses (26,961)

Alabama (809)
Alaska (147)
Arizona (245)
Arkansas (694)
California (867)
Colorado (336)
Connecticut (264)
Delaware (62)
District of Columbia (3)
Florida (477)
Georgia (478)
Hawaii (11)
Idaho (180)
Illinois (1092)
Indiana (767)
Iowa (716)
Kansas (477)
Kentucky (687)
Louisiana (377)
Maine (343)
Maryland (276)
Massachusetts (360)
Michigan (949)
Minnesota (724)
Mississippi (403)
Missouri (740)
Montana (265)
Nebraska (375)
Nevada (87)
New Hampshire (212)
New Jersey (729)
New Mexico (247)
New York (1639)
North Carolina (1048)
North Dakota (304)
Ohio (1156)
Oklahoma (726)
Oregon (305)
Pennsylvania (1837)
Rhode Island (76)
South Carolina (455)
South Dakota (284)
Tennessee (621)
Texas (1466)
Utah (192)
Vermont (201)
Virginia (551)
Washington (413)
West Virginia (405)
Wisconsin (771)
Wyoming (108)